6 Surprising Things That Make Your Android Battery Run Down Quickly (How to Make Your Battery Last Longer)

6 hours after getting "Battery fully charged, unplug charger" notification on your phone, you're running back to plug your phone or (if you live in an area without constant electricity) you're looking for a shop that has generator on.

The first thought that comes to mind is: the phone battery. "The battery is not strong" - We think. And that's why some of us have a spare battery (we call 'our 2nd battery'). But even with a spare battery, i wasn't satisfied still, so i started digging for solution, and i found something:

It's not really the battery, it's something else

Your battery is innocent.

Guess who's guilty?


I bet you guessed it's you.

Here's the thing, there are things we do on our phone, it's the normal thing to do (so it seems), so we do it, not knowing it has consequence. In this case, the consequence is: it shortens how long our android battery lasts.

What's subtly draining your battery

1. The social networking apps on your phone.

Social networking apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Whatsapp etc auto sync. So even though your device is lying there seemingly dormant, it's still connecting to the internet every now and then, receiving notifications for the various social networking apps you've installed.

2. The widgets on your home screen, widgets that make use of internet.

Widgets are cool, but using too many of them sip your battery juice, especially those that make use of internet. Widgets like Weather update, News update and Email etc constantly refresh themselves to bring you new contents.

3. The vibration you're using.

Vibration actually uses much more power than playing a ringtone. Vibration (including Haptic feedback - the vibrations you feel when you tap on your phone's screen) activate the vibration motor, the vibration motor rotates a small weight to make your whole phone shake. That process takes a lot more power.

4. That 3G/4G network that is on.

5. Your high screen brightness.

6. Your extended screen timeout.

Extending your android battery life is easy

Prolong your android battery life by making these simple adjustments on your phone or tablet.

1. Uninstall social networking apps which you don't really use and/or switch off auto sync.

- Go to Settings > Accounts and Sync, unmark "Auto Sync".

2. Remove unnecessary widgets that make use of internet from your home screen.

- Long press on the widget until you feel the phone vibrate, now drag the selected widget to the Remove button that appears at the bottom of your screen.

3. Disable all forms of vibration on your phone.

- Disable 'haptic feedback' in Settings > Sound & Display.

4. Use 2G network always. Only switch to 3G/4G when you want to download (large) files.

- Go to Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks, mark 'Use only 2G networks' to disable 3G/4G network.

5. Reduce your screen brightness to 50% or lower.

- I recommend 30%

6. Reduce your screen timeout to 30 seconds or lower.

- At most use 1 minute

EXTRA TIP: If your phone uses an AMOLED display (most Samsung device use AMOLED display) you can save some battery life by using black wallpapers or generally darker wallpapers.

But before you make those adjustments

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