February 17, 2016

Running low on internal memory? Here's the simple thing i did and gained over 800mb - You can do it too

Getting that "running out of internal memory notification" could be annoying sometimes, especially when you're trying to install a new application, in my case, it was frustrating.

My experience:

My android device - a Samsung Galaxy pocket - has a 3gb memory. 2gb for files and 1gb for apps.

I had only few apps installed on it - less than 200mb - but i kept getting a memory almost full notification.

At a point i had no choice other than uninstalling apps that i didn't frequently use.

Something shocking

Few days after uninstalling some apps, the notification was back.

But only few days ago i uninstalled some apps - i thought. By the way i had less than 200mb apps installed, where's the remaining 800mb+?

It was during my quest for a solution that i found out what was eating up my memory.

What's eating up your memory

The android system constantly creates logs and debug files which we don't need. Also whenever an app crashes, the system creates crash reports.

The apps that we've uninstalled sometimes leave data behind.

It is all this that accumulate over time and deprive us our memory.

What to do:

I've broken down what i did to recover my internal memory into 4 simple steps. This procedures works for all device and requires your phone be rooted. If your phone isn't rooted yet, here's 3 easy safe ways to root your Android phone without pc. If you're using a Samsung device that is running on an android version above 2.3 (Gingerbread) you can skip this procedure and scroll down for a method that doesn't require root access

Step 1: Download SD Maid on your phone

Step 2: Launch SD Maid. Click on the green "Scan" button and grant SD Maid super user permission.

- The scan takes some minutes, you have to patiently wait.

- Once the scan is completed, it will show you the amount of memory that is been occupied by the junks i told you about earlier in this post.

Step 3: You will see a red "Clean" button after the scan, click on it and wait till the cleaning is finished.

Now go to your phone settings and check your memory. You'll be amazed by the result. When i did mine the 1st time it freed over 800mb.

For Samsung users

If your Samsung device is running on an android version above 2.3 (Gingerbread), follow this simple procedure (else follow the above procedure) to recover your internal memory. It doesn't require root access.

Step 1: Go to your dialer and type *#9900#.

- Some options will appear.

Step 2: Select "delete dumpstate/logcat"

It will clear all the junks occupying your phone memory.

Avoiding it is simple too

From time to time, either weekly or monthly, you should follow the above procedure, re-run a scan with the app. This would prevent the system crash reports, logs, debug files and left over data from uninstalled apps from accumulating.

There you go!

I'd like to know how many mb this freed for you. Mine was 800mb+. Tell me by using the comment section.

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