How to Take Screenshots On Any Android Phone (Without Using An App)

In the early days of Android, taking a screenshot on a phone or tablet was pain, you had to install the Android developer kit on a computer and then connect your phone with a USB cable. But now you don't need all that.

Taking a screenshot now on android is easy, it doesn't require a computer or your phone to be rooted. In this tutorial i'll show you how to take screenshots on any android phone.

How to Take Screenshots on any Samsung Android phone:

Hold the phone Home button and quickly press the Power (On) button.

How to Take Screenshots on any other Android phone (Gionne, HTC, Tecno... etc):

Press the Volume Down and Power (On) button together.

- Your phone screen will flash briefly and you'll hear a capture sound.
- Screenshots taken would be saved in a folder named "ScreenCapture"


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